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I logged on hoping I'd find this exact thread, already here. I'm thankful for:

- A loving partner who indulges my quirks, is an active ally in helping me grow, recover, and forgive, who can teach me things.

- Lots of privilege, either granted at birth, earned, or stumbled into by luck. Mostly I get to pick my challenges or cause them myself, not have them thrust upon me.

- A series of experiences that have felt like the universe revealing itself to me, and the desire in the face of that to strive to do good in the world.

- Family and friends who see some major tragedy in my life, who rush in to help.

- An active imagination, such fertile places as RPG worlds to sow those fields, and the pioneers and peers there who encourage me in this.

as an honorable mention: Im thankful for Ha Coffee Bar in Lihue; sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.
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