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Originally Posted by inexorabletash View Post
I agree with the sentiment. In my view, Charted Space is a bright point of light in an otherwise dark galaxy. Outside the big powers, TL should drop off rapidly and implicitly starport should as well. (World gen produces St before TL so this doesn't appear in random data, which means this needs to be intentionally imposed.) There will be pockets here and there, where NIL manage to hold together NAFAL empires, and lots of pinpricks of light where misjumped ships have managed to found sustainable colonies.

That's not to say the rest of the galaxy is empty, though. It's just not full of oxygen breathing terrestrial sophists with Jump drive. Vast swaths are the domain of powers that stomp on those specks of light, like the Hydrogens and Essaray. (The Fall of Tinath is a good example...) They travel NAFAL or with Hop/Skip. They have multiple manifestations and unfathomable motivations. Charted Space is an anomaly, a bubble where history has conspired to allow our sort of life to flourish.

For now.
Why couldn't high-tech but limited states exist outside charted space? If Terrans could travel as far as the Spinward Marches as early as they did, they could have gone further with better jump drives after the 3I was established. I know that there'd have to be an accounting for the impediments of Aslan, Zho's, Vargr, K'kree and Hivers (the latter I can't see stopping humans on their way through) but that still leaves gaps that vessels could have leaked through in order to look for something more. What could be more notable than a high tech world with a class A starport would be the presence of those without a large starnation existing outside the bounds of charted space.
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