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James finds a seat. "Since this is probably our most secure place to talk, short of you actually lifting off and taking us into Jump, which would waste time and surely alarm the Commandant, why don't we do a bit of planning before we unload your things?"

"Now, as to weapons, I was only offering suggestions. As I stated, grenades come in many varieties other than for 'blowing things up'; the less-lethal types commonly used by security forces include tanglers, riot glue, and a variety of gasses; since the unrest has gotten so bad and kidnappings and assaults more frequent, we find more and more private citizens using these as well. Legality varies in different parts of the world."

"Personal defense weapons are most commonly gauss-weapons or lasers, except in vacuum-tight environments where, as I noted, weapons with less penetration are preferred."

"The only place that, err, less advanced weapons such as yours are seen are in some of the rebel forces, who prefer being able to manufacture their own ammunition supply; gauss needles require precision work that is beyond the rebel manufacturing capability. They are, however, quite happy to use whatever lasers they can get, as they need only power for recharging." He looks again at Lora's weapons. "Actually, possession of those might be considered suspicious enough for a stop by security in some areas; but on the other hand, might draw attention from rebels as well."

[No, Lora's revolver and rifle would not use the same ammo, unless the rifle was specially chosen as one that uses pistol ammo, in which case treat as a carbine.]

James reaches into his belt pouch and pulls out a pair of data cards and a small short-range comm. He then takes out his own comm and slides one of the data cards in, thumbs a button that causes some holographic controls to be projected, manipulates the controls, then withdraws the datacard and hands it to Lora. "Here, this now has close to Cr10k on it, Imperial denomination but readily convertible to local, indicated as a settlement for personal expenditures in equipping this ship. That should be enough for you to buy your own locally made weapons and equipment; one thing not lacking around here since the rebellions heated up is weapon shops."

He slides the other card in, again manipulates the controls, then hands it over. "This has our files on the organizations that we thought it wise to penetrate, and the reports on progress of our two agents before contact was lost. You might wish to study these before you venture out from the extrality zone of the Starport, so as to decide on your first steps. This card also includes a file of commcodes and encryption codes that you can use to contact me; the combination of the commcode and encryption code allows us to determine if the signal is being spoofed or decrypted anywhere along the way, and we can then choose whether to allow that - if we wish to be overheard - or to maintain encryption by synchronized switching that they cannot spoof."

He hands over the comm unit. "This is a standard local model that you could purchase in any shop here; no sneaky spy or police gadgets included. As it appears that your own equipment is somewhat below this Tech Level, let me show you a few important things. First, put your hand over it like this, now let me adjust these settings" - holo controls pop up, and he twiddles his fingers rapidly through them - "there, it now recognizes your hand as authorized user. It won't accept any other users without your permission." He then quickly leads Lora through giving the comm a voice sample and getting her other hand recognized, and calling up the unit's Interface Assistant.

"I recommend you take some time with your Interface Assistant getting to know what all this comm unit can do. It includes most of the functions that a hand computer would perform at earlier Tech Levels, and can also serve as a terminal to access computer networks for which you are authorized. You can also choose different voices, avatars, and personalities for the IA, but it can guide you through all of that later. As I said, I'd eventually like to supply you with a special comm that conceals some advanced functions, but I don't have any of those handy just now. You can also buy additional tools to use with this comm, such as commdots or a jewelry piece for unobtrusive hands-free usage."

"So, let's see, what else..." He manipulates his own comm, then says, "There, I've assigned a storage locker for you over in the civilian portion of the Starport. You can use that to store any of this gear that you don't want to carry around with you, and by the time you get to it I'll have someone leave off a TL-14 shipsuit in your size, in the locker. You can also turn in the floater there; we have an arrangement with the Starport folks for exchanging those."

"There, that should have you set... Any further questions now? If not, I'd advise you secure lodgings, review those files, and then comm me with any questions or requests."

[If there are no further questions, he will assist Lora with loading her personal belongings onto a cargo floater, then will make a show of locking up the ship and changing the access codes, then escorting Lora to the exit from the Scout Waystation into the civilian portion of the Starport.]
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