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She blinks. "Grenades? These are in use here? Well I am more likely to blow up myself than anyone else so no. I will retain my firearms but also will take whatever weapons you suggest that are common here. Perhaps a universally rechargeable laser with a variable setting for use in 'delicate' areas. And yes on the worn uniform." She tosses in her revolver and four boxes of ammunition, and packs her rifle. Apparently the rifle and sidearm take the same ammo. [Is she even qualified to use a laser, or for that matter any other kind of "sidearm"? Up to you, she will take whatever James offers.]

"I would prefer a ship's boat but a shuttle will be sufficient if that is what is available. And recommend a comm link device you think best and I will purchase it. I lost the habit of carrying one and never really regained it."

[yes I glanced at the landgrab data, and will look at it more closely when I have some idea of what the approach here will be. and yes, I avoided reading the trivia section.]
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