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"Nothing wrong with the old standards, but you may find some difficulty obtaining ammunition here. Slugthrowers here are more commonly gauss weapons, or "snub" weapons for shipboard or delicate facilities. Energy weapons are commonly lasers or stunners; heavier weapons are mostly seen in use by Imperial military and some of the heavier-armed mercenary units. A variety of grenades are available, from combat models to less-lethal police/security types."

"Do you have the latest model IISS shipsuit/uniform? Besides its utility as an emergency or temporary vaccsuit, it also serves as decent armor and is comfortable enough to wear all the time. I leave it up to you whether someone with your supposed attitude toward the service would wear it, but I can attest that it is just so drammed useful that most ex-Scouts still wear theirs, in varying degrees of cleanliness, some with service patches and others more customized according to personal taste. We can issue you one and age it a bit so it doesn't look brand new; I'd really recommend that."

"As for a ship - do you think you'll need one starting out? We could help locate an old shuttle or ship's boat - what do you think?"

"As for the files... can your comm take a direct "bump" transfer? No? I really, really, strongly recommend that you get a higher tech comm that includes hand computer functions; they are quite common here, ubiquitous even, and will be necessary for many transactions you'll encounter every day. If you don't want a new one from us, they are pretty cheap in most shops off-base, either here in the port or outside in the world. Ah, what TL is your current comm or hand computer? I'll need to figure out what transfer media will work for you."

[OOC: Would a current Library Data on Efate be helpful, or are you pretty familiar with the system status before the war? Did you look at the Landgrab data I linked earlier?]
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Imperial Core Update: In other news, Emperor Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi is... still alive.

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