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She smiles. "Well at the time the disaffected approach seemed - and seems - the most promising. I must admit it turned out less rough than it might have."

"Book balancing seems good. I will try the sever-all-connections approach first and obtain a local account and a local bio-ID. I will obtain any issued equipment later, it is better to be clean as long as possible. As for weapons what is the standard here? I prefer the ISS-issued revolver if I am to carry anything." She waves a pistol over her carry as if to ask if she should pack it or leave it out. The holster is new but James can tell the gun is fairly old though well cared for. She also points out a lever-action rifle standing in a rack.

"Then I am waiting for you to provide comms and files. Yes? And perhaps recommendations. You mentioned needing a ship. I am fully qualified as a boat pilot if that method of transport is used here so I could find work in that regard."
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