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James grimaces. "As for following up leads and interviewing suspects or sources, my office is currently short on manpower to even secure this base, much less go out beyond extrality to question locals. I wouldn't say that I actually suspect penetration of my office; that is simply one theory that I brought up for how my two undercover agents may have been discovered, and the Commandant seems to have seized on that as the explanation."

"If you want to try the independent approach as a disaffected Scout with a grudge against the Commandant, the IISS, and by extension the Third Imperium, I can supply you some names and places to fish for contacts; actually all of that is in the files that I will supply you, so you can choose for yourself which seem the best approach for you."

"We need to establish at least three means of secure communication: a standard, a backup, and an emergency call for help. If our standard communication won't allow transfer of data, then we will also need some form of data drop, working both ways in case you want to get something to us, or need something from us, or I have something I want you to see."

"Ah, let's see... If you need weapons, I can help; if you don't want to have them on you in case of search, we can establish a cache somewhere. Same for some helpful investigative tools. You may want to have those cached or have us hold onto them until you have gotten into position and gained some trust, again in case of search."

"Umm, what else... Oh yes, the Commandant mentioned that your ship comms were not equipped with biometric scanning. That capability is extremely common here, in fact is used for identity verification for almost everything from entering a rented apartment to using a local cash card to buy food. If your personal comm lacks this capability, you'll want to buy a local one. I don't have a unit ready, but whenever you are ready to receive some equipment, I can supply a comm that you can substitute into your store-bought shell that will have some extra devices built in."

"Any other preparations you can think of? If you need money, we can supply a cash card under the guise of balancing books on the surrender of your ship; you can either use that directly, or deposit the balance into a local bank and get one of their cards, with no Imperial connections."
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