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Lora is loading up her clothes and gear into several duffle bags. "I assume there is a reason why you have not already questioned suspects overtly so an inside approach seems best. I believe a cover story is now in place. I am a retiree who has been insulted by the Waystation Commandant and whose ship is confiscated and who now has no income. Certainly I am disaffected and need income yes? Though there may be problems with this as I am a baronette and have a pension and I have updated my files here. Perhaps the pension can be confiscated temporarily as well.

"As for the Commandant very likely there is a good reason why you have lost two personnel. Perhaps it would be best to keep her as uninformed or even as misinformed as possible. And she mentioned that you suspect your own office is infiltrated? Are you yourself secure?

"And of course I will review any files you have."
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