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I know armed penal units existed historically, and maybe they're practical for a TL 6 or lower unit, but at higher tech levels it takes a chunk of money to equip a man to survive on the battlefield. I wouldn't make that investment in someone I didn't trust to carry his weight in battle. At the point where night vision and IR devices are common, and you're having to plunk down a couple thou per man so they can draw more than three consecutive breaths, the value of an armed involuntary penal unit drops pretty close to nil.

For me, the penal unit would be either an unarmed labor battalion or a voluntary rehab unit - folk who'd screwed up and were volunteering for a chance at pardon or restoration of honor. That'd work particularly well for the Vargr, a chance to "pay your debt to society" while gaining a bit of loot in the bargain.
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