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Question disciplinary units

Disciplinary units, penal batalions and so…

Which one of you uses them ?
And exactly which outfit has them IYTU ?

IMTU, I just started considering this issue : I’d say that the Sworld Worlders probably do, as well as some Vargr states.
The Zhodani probably wouldn’t, since they have means of preventing their troops from commiting the kind of crimes that would justify someone being sent to such units.
There are neither K’Kree nor Hivers in my campaign area, nor Solomani (but I think the latter would have them too).
Aslan ? Don’t think so. Anything serious enough to warrant being sent to a penal unit would probably be dishonorable enough to justify a punishment both harsher and more definitive instead.

As to the Imperium ? Well, I’d say they might exist but this probably would be restricted information. Or maybe they don’t, but there are some rumors to the contrary. Frankly, I haven’t made up my mind yet, hence this post.
Then, which form would they take ?

Simple, make-work, purely disciplining units (the 1965 movie « The Hill » comes to mind) ?
Hard labor units, either revolting work such as disposing of the dead or dangerous (mine clearance), or both ?
Suicide squads ? Or at least very dangerous, near 100% lethal combat assignments ?
In a dark, « Evil Imperium » campaign, they might be engaged in counter-insurgency ops and forced to commit atrocities, « kill or be killed » and so on.
Or some kind of elite, last-chance formations, « Dirty Dozen » or « The eagle has landed » style ? These have great adventuring potential but tend to go through a lot of PCs very quickly.
PCs don’t have to be part of these units, they might encounter them and have to deal with them and their actions, or have to free one of their convicts, or a lot more possibilities.
Thanks in advance.
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