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Originally Posted by BytePro View Post
I was referring to the original CT table - which had no DMs related to skills or actions.

Your suggestion is less random, but using the table with Effect as DM seems redundant and, worse, could counter the task roll -> ex: -2 Effect would be a normal failure, yet one could still roll a 12 and the result would then be Responsive?

As you stated, the terms have to be twisted to fit a situation as well - where 'violence' is replaced by a negative non-violent reaction.

I can see a table of potential negative/positive reactions being handy for some, but, as presented, this is a bit too limited, random, and subverting of task checks, IMHO. Perhaps I'm missing how this is applied?
I know what you are saying and I agree with it actually now that I think about it.

In the original Traveller you had set rolls for tasks (that the referee had to make up but more often look up/remember) and this official table for randomised reactions which again had to be looked up/remembered. In Mongoose Traveller you have rolls for tasks (that the referee makes up using more easily remembered guidelines for difficulty) and they have done away with this table in the process, suggesting instead you also use task rolls for NPC reactions, in order to keep the game flowing (reducing rules look up).

Yes I see that you could easily do the same thing as this table by, for example, assigning a task such as: Impressing a crime underlord enough to give you a job 10+, with the effect determining his reaction. This would do the same thing as this table, I can see that.

So yes on reflection I agree there isnt any need for this table in Mongoose Traveller. Good point.
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