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Originally Posted by BytePro View Post
Yeah, this is missing, though I never used it - my NPC's not generally acting at random. In MgT, I would replace this with a task check - since it is implied that there is an interaction going on and Effect and Ref judgement would determine the nature and degree of reactions.

CT had a natural 2 automatically resulting in an immediate violent 'attack' or a 12 in automatic friendship, or such. I never liked such default mechanics that ignore DMs - gives precedence for rule mechanics overriding the Ref and for ignoring player actions - which is just plain bad form, IMO.
Well I wouldnt really call it random if its affected by DMs especially if you use skill check DMs to affect the roll but I do feel it is realistic - you never can tell what other people are thinking for real especially in interviews for jobs!!

I always really liked this table. It gives the characters some really surprising twists to cater for. And if an NPC reacts really well they are never quite sure whether its a trick or not. Sometimes you just wouldnt think to have an NPC do that if purely controlling them yourself.

I think for major NPCs then obviously you need to role play them but for incidental NPCs especially random encounters and incidental ship encounters I think it can add some spice. And of course it can keep the ref on his feet trying to think of a reasoning for the result!
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