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Default Mongoose Core Rulebook - NPC Reactions

I have added the following NPC reactions table to my core rulebook (its put on page 82 next to the Random opposition table in my book). I do not understand why this table is missing from the Mongoose Traveller considering NPC reactions were always so essential to Classic Traveller and to any game I play. I will also be adding this to the Mongoose Referee Shield I have as well in the spare bit of space at the bottom of the first leaf (pasted over the copyright text) I consider it so valuable:

Die Reaction
2 Violent - immediate attack
3 Hostile - attacks on 5+
4 Hostile - attacks on 8+
5 Hostile - may attack
6 Unreceptive
7 Non-committal
8 Interested
9 Intrigued
10 Responsive
11 Enthusiastic
12 Genuinely friendly

DMs: If character has served 5 or more terms in a service (Scouts, Army, Navy, Marines) career +1, if world population is 9 or more -1, effect of Streetwise, Persuade, Diplomat, Carouse or Advocate check rolls could also be used as a DM on this table depending on situation.

Referee needs to interpret the results of this table - attack my not be physical but could be in the form of insults, pushing away, sarcasm, etc depending on situation/law level.
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