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Talking Low Berths (revised)

Since I use a few house rules (mainly a mash of classic books 1-3 and some mongoose) I also decided to change how low berths worked.

Survive hibernation (low-berth). Routine (6+), Endurance, +Medical skill of attending physician. Failure results in 1D of damage per point missed by.

This way you get a bit of frost burn and are only in real danger if you are old, infirm, or such and also roll very poorly.

I also created more advanced versions of low berths which grant a positive DM at higher TLs.

TL 12 Low Berth 75kCr +1 DM to survival roll. Same mass and other characteristics.
TL 15 Low Berth 100kCr +2 DM to survival roll. As above.

Granted the economics of low passengers are a bit wiggy. When building a ship, cargo space costs zero credits extra versus the cost of a low-berth. And at base 1000 Cr base per ton of cargo you are making credits back much sooner. Whereas with low berths you don't even break even for years (assuming 1 jump per month).
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