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Default Opportunity to 'Try before you Buy'

Before you buy-in anyway. My long running "Surviving the Borderlands" game over at Myth-Weaver's had already just started our current adventure when one of our players had real life catch up to him and he had to drop out. We're currently looking for someone to either take over the character, (with a very interesting Chargen, to say the least) or one of two major NPCs in the group. If you run that character through the adventure, at it's end, you can either keep playing that character, or roll up a new Character of your own.

We play what is mostly Mongoose 1st Ed. With a few modifications and house rules. The game is set/based on the world of Tanith in the Trojan Reach and is not (yet) space heavy. In the 19-20 months we've been going, the party has so far travelled to the next planet in Tanith's system once, and not jumped. (Actually, three characters jumped in system to join the current 'Team', but that was mostly just a quick background thread) Posting requirements are high; once per day or more. Weekends tend to be more relaxed, and if real life rears it's ugly head, we're always willing to work things out. The game is more hard science, but not necessarily rule hard. If you are missing some, or all of the rule books, we'll get you through. The game is about a story, not "Winning". Our group is quite international and has been ongoing for over a year and a half now.

Please feel free to pop in and lurk a while, read some of the background,house rules, and of course, "The Story so Far." If interested, please PM on Myth-Weaver's where my username is RobBadener.

Game at:

[Warning: GM is an old Luddite who is not some savvy tech-master, so please bear with me.]
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