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Default Darrian TL16 fleet

That's a splinter from another thread, as I believe it deserves a thread on its own.

Selected quotes:
Originally Posted by robject View Post
The Darrian Confederation

Setting aside the Special Arm, what makes Darrian navy ships special? I understand that they're TL15, which is unusual for such a small empire. But are there aspects that differentiate them from the Imperium?
Originally Posted by maksimsmelchak View Post
The Darrians have a collection of high technology TL-16 precursor ships from the glory days. That's what's special. Stuff better than anyone else's.
Originally Posted by Whipsnade View Post
They're TL 16. What makes them special is their reputation and little more. They're the Darrians' version of Napoleon's Old Guard; i.e. when they're committed to battle they always win, except when they don't and the battle is usually won before they show up anyways.

Thanks to MT we know what TL 16 means for warships and there is nothing revolutionary. Power plants are a little better, computers a little better, weapons, screens, electronics, what not all a little better. No new "death ray", no weapon or other system that suddenly makes an incredible advance.

I always figured that the TL 16 squadron has chiefly been used as sensors/ELINT asset. They can detect, pinpoint, target, spoof, eavesdrop, etc. on the Swordies with near impunity and pass on what they've learned to their lower tech bretheren who do the heavy lifting.
Originally Posted by Whipsnade View Post
Thanks to MT we know what advances TL 16 holds for starship systems ranging from weapons to power plants to drives and all the rest. For most systems, there simply aren't any marked improvements. A little better here and there, but nothing like the huge increase in fusion plant efficiency between TL 11 and 12 for example.

Armor doesn't change between TL 15 and 16. Jump drives, m-drives, and their fuel requirements all don't change. Weapons see various upticks in their factors, in some cases substantial, but none are revolutionary. Tractor bays finally show up, bay weapons can finally break the factor-9 barrier, spinals get a small bump and screens too, but again there's nothing spectacular.

The real TL 16 benefits are seen in electronics, sensors, computers, and communicators.

So, those vaunted TL 16 Darrian squadrons aren't making their presence in battle felt by the strength of their arms as much as they are making their presence in battle felt by their eyes, ears, and brains. They're acquiring weapon target locks faster, better, and well before their opponents and then passing those firing solutions off to their lower TL consorts. They're winning the ECM/ECCM battle and passing along the benefits which accrue from that victory to their lower TL consorts.
Originally Posted by McPerth View Post
Another factor to conseder about the Darrian TL16 squadrons is that they are told to be pre-Maghiz relics.

If we see Darrian pre-Maghiz position, it's unlikely they had a powerful fleet, as they had no hostile neighbours (in fact, they didn't have any high tech neighbours), and Darrians were not an agrtesive/warlike race.

Of course, the (probably, due to history) more militaristic Solomani that sparked their tech developement would have insisted in building some fleet, just in case, but I guess most of its ships were not precisely superdreadnoughts, but more on the cruiser/destroyer range, as they didn't need larger ships when they were built.

And, before anyone asks, all of this is purely speculative, with no (at least known to me) published material to support it.
Originally Posted by Whipsnade View Post
And that's another reason why those relic TL 16 squadrons aren't "sooper dooper" never fail warships: They most likely weren't warships in the first place.

A merchant group unlike the later military Gram Fleet, the Itzvin(?) Fleet is said to have "scouted the neighborhood" before selecting Darrian for contact and uplift. They passed across the jump5 Rift Span route and through the Trojan Reach on their way to the Marches. They have a general idea of just who and what is around the region, groups like what's left of the Sindals, 1st/2nd Imperium refugees are drifting spinward, refugees are moving away from the Zhodani, Zho-influenced planets are nosing about, and all the other odds and sods passing through the region.

They'll know their ships need to be armed but they'll also know there is no pressing need for a battle fleet. So, those TL 16 relics found in the Darrian outer system weren't a mothballed CruRon.
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