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Exclamation [Kickstarter] Robert Asprin's "Cold Cash War"

Battlefield Press launched a Kickstarter campaign for a game setting of Robert Asprin's "Cold Cash War" dystopian science-fiction novel for Cepheus Engine.

What's "Cold Cash War" you ask? "Cold Cash War" was Robert Asprin's first novel, published in the late '70s. Imagine BattleTech, laser tag, and cyberpunk all mixed together.

In the near future, huge international corporations settle contract disputes by hiring battalions of mercenaries, putting them in power armor, and letting them loose in the wilderness of Brazil. The winner wins the contract dispute. Except, it's non-lethal warfare. The power armors are all equipped with non-lethal weaponry, and the power armor merely shuts down when "destroyed." No one dies. No mess. This is how corporations decided to get around governments, making governments ineffectual. The late '70s/early '80s period that the novel was written in is shown by that Japanese corporations are huge, and some of them utilize samurai power armored battalions...

There's a lot of corporate intrigue, and even government as governments around the world try to maintain their relevancy with all this corporate espionage and huge laser tag battles between corporate armies going on.

Also, as far as I'm aware of, this is the first Cepheus Engine related Kickstarter campaign.
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