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Interesting. I will give it a read. Over the years I have owned every version of Traveller. Curiously the only one without critical flaws (IMO) is Classic. Every other version has tried to reinvent the wheel but it appears that each version falls short. Mega was too complex too military oriented. New era was Twilight 2000 in space. T4 was just a jumbled mess with several books being only good for campfires (although I liked the personal combat and damage system). T20 was meh. GURPS was much too detailed for my liking (one second combat rounds are ridiculous). T5? The book could be useful to either stop bullets or perhaps beat someone to death with but is otherwise unplayable by normal humans. Mongoose has tried their own spin twice and I cannot say I like either very much. Horrible editing and I hate 2Es full color PDF and books. As I get older I find all of those rule heavy books unappealing from a gaming perspective. Classic is nice since I can print off everything in booklet form or in a small 6x9 digest size binder which holds 8 books at a time. Very compact and portable.

I think my ideal version would be classic with t4 weapons and damage.
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