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Small Starburst What are your favourite Imperial sectors?

What are your favourite Imperial sectors? You can select as many options as you like.

There are several reasons I decided to make this poll:
  • To see which sectors are more popular and what makes a sector popular, similar to what BerKA did with the subsectors of the Spinward Marches a few years ago. I already have some ideas about which sectors will be more popular, but numerical confirmation is nice.
  • To see which sectors could are (out-of-universe) underdeveloped and could use more attention. Again, I already have some ideas on this from looking at the credits of the sectors listed on TravellerMap.
  • I'm considering making/working on some Imperial sector (or part-of-a-sector) books a la Encyclopedia Dagudashaag, for which knowing the two above points is relevant.
  • Polls are fun!
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