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Default Point Buy CharGen

I saw this mentioned in the G+ thread DonM mentioned here.

Back after T4 was released, I developed a point buy system for some testing. Wasn't able to do a lot, but it looked ok for what testing did happen. I'm trying to locate those old notes but the long and short of it was this.

66 points. Distribute between UPP and Skills on a 1-for-1 basis.
Choose education and career choices to have access to particular skills (you can only choose from those on your career list or the "any" list). Add total skill values to 18 to get age.

A UPP 777777 character would have 24 levels of skills, and be 42 years old.

(Original draft has X points for certain options such as Flight School, Rank Y, etc.)

I'll really try to find those notes this weekend.
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