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As was pointed out to me by other canonistas, Strephon doesn't reinstate them; he merely reinforces their power, and allowes them to meddle at Domain HQ, which he DOES reinstate as an actual command, rather than just a reporting conduit.

He DOES appoint several, including his FRIEND, Dulinor, and his Cousin, Norris.

No, I put forth the alternate:

The SMG arises in Ilellish... in the sector moot or even domain moot, and when Dulinor gets appointed Archduke, Dulinor's rank helps keep it in check.

Dulinor does a lot of grand things... and the Dukes go to the moot to let it be known.

Dulinor "Suggests" the Emperor do similar reforms throughout. Strephon, fearing the moot, says no.

Dulinor's subordinate dukes (remember, there are 64-68 LANDED dukes under him) spread the SMG through the moot at capital... based upon his rejection of "Basic sophont rights improvements"

The SMG movement meets in the moot spire, and much to Dulinor's Horror, passes the resolution the Strephon Must Go... and then, based upon what they want to see in a new Emperor, Give Dulinor the least desirable job in the Imperium... Assassinating the Emperor, his own good friend, Patron, and drinking buddy.

Nobody bothers informing the moot that Strephon's out...

Lucan and Varian were to be captured. Alive.

Io and Iffie were to be captured, and forced by the moot to accept either the new emperor OR a prison planet. (It may have required some biochemical and psychological work...)

Lucan and varian have no claim if the Crown Princess acknowledges Dulinor....

Dulinor goes in, sees only fear, not shock as his hand raises the gun... and Knows it's not strephon. To eliminate their claims, Io, Iffie, Lucan, and Varian now ALL need to be aced. "Plan 'b' it is!" The Aslan ambassador thinks he was a target (this is, after all, round two of combat), and goes for his gun. Dulinor shoots him.

Plan B goes awry... Lucan is killing IG troops... "Bug out!" (plan C) goes into effect, and IT goes smoothly.

The moot meets, and the majority SMG faction is split between "Dulinor went too far", "Dulinor should have stayed", and "Dulinor is still owed what we promised him", and the 2/5 of the moot not part of SMG are split between "Dulinor Did it!" and "Let's find someone else..." Lucan addresses them, and they vote him down while he's speaking... so he disbands the moot for a year... and his paranoia begins.

And, sadly, I never subscribed to Challenge...

And it's THIRD, not second... although the other one declares herself Regent, the truth is, she's Empress in all but name.
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