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Originally Posted by timerover51 View Post
When I sell them, I just manage an 8 on the Sales die roll, and sell them for 1000 credits per ton. My gross profit per ton is 400 credits, giving me 170,000 credits, well in excess of the 85,000 credits I could have earned by carrying cargo for hire. If I had rolled better, say a 12, my gross profit would be 425,000 Credits. That can make speculative trading even in basic goods quite lucrative. If I go to the expanded table, it could get even more interesting.
What if you rolled a 2?

The base point seems to be that, "on average", you gross more profit from speculative trade than basic cargo.

At it's most base, speculative trade being random can lead to Gambler's Ruin. The trick is balancing the profit curve perhaps to something flatter. But even Book 2 suffered this, and RAW there were certainly "honey runs" that would make a trader fat.

GT: Far Trader I think is far less lucrative, but a more complex model.
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