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Somewhat confusing, some of your other Sticky threads seem to invite comments but the threads are locked. Finally found this one, so I guess I'll try to lump the comments here, if I can remember - short term memory is an especial problem for me.

You said something about needing a new deckplan for Something Clever. I'm a pretty fair hand at deckplans, either modifying the current one or starting from scratch, if you can tell me what it is you want changed. I like to work in GIMP, but can save results to whatever format you need.

Speaking of ships, my PC Frank had a detached duty Scout ship as a mustering out benefit. That was previously the Vargr's Grin; is it now the Something Clever instead?

I notice that our start of action is ready to go, stating that we're all at the old downport. A few more Qs before I post anything for Frank IC:

Whatever ship we have, did we leave it docked at the Highport and shuttle down, or did we (or at least Frank) land the ship and disembark here at the Old Port?

Do the PCs already know each other, or did our invitation from the local noble specify names of other invitees, or some recognition signal or meeting place by which we might recognize each other?

Does Bohen have a Scout Base?

Is there a data sheet about Bohen linked from one of those Stickies? (I skimmed them all yesterday, but that was yesterday, and I don't see a Bohen sheet with the stuff I downloaded.)

I think you said something about our PCs having just mustered out. I'd think Rangers would need to muster out at a Scout Base, especially if receiving a detached duty ship. So maybe Frank just arrived at the Old Port to catch some form of public transport after mustering out at the Scout Base. Or, if Bohen doesn't have a Scout Base, then Frank came to Bohen for some reason after mustering out elsewhere. What sayeth the GM?
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