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Talking Jump fuel. More parsecs per .1Jn

I have had several variations on this concept but the two most common were:
1. Higher TL = less fuel needed as the various drives operate at improved efficiency. Each TL above the minimum granted a 5% reduction. For example a TL15 Jump 1 drive (15-9) uses 30% less fuel per jump which was the maximum reduction.

2. Improved fuel. Beyond refined there is essentially a higher energy density version. At TL12 you get a flat 50% increase at TL15 the fuel is 100% or has twice the energy per ton. However this “supercharged” fuel is very expensive and usually reserved for military or special duty use. TL12 50% boost SC fuel costs 5x refined, TL15 100% boost SC fuel costs 5x with the 50% SC fuel from TL12 cost is cut in half to only 2.5x the price of refined fuel.

I tend to use the former more often. The second was for an extended deep survey into unknown space type campaign. Obviously the cost involved made it impractical for standard use (merchants) I did not use both options together.
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