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Default [Traveller Map] Unnamed Planets and Problems/Solutions

I was playing around with the Muarne Sector this weekend and noticed something.

I use a couple of online programs that access TravMap for story ideas, markets and cargo. The main program does not recognize planets that are "(Unnamed)" so no data can be generated.

In addition, an Excel program that I use runs off System Name.
I also noticed that I can't create a booklet of Muarne Sector. I'm assuming the problem is related.

I would be happy to pull the data and enter an ID in the System Name field.

I was thinking of "Sector Hex#". So System Name would read "Muarne 1207" for Hex 1207.


There's been some discussion on non-canonical sectors such as Muarne being removed.

These are pretty neat sectors for a high-tech ATU/homebrew so I would ask that, if removed, please place them elsewhere on the map.

Thanks again, Tash! Love your work.
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