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Originally Posted by Barrel View Post
[QUOTEThe antikythera mechanism would have been good to, if it had been produced in higher numbers. It might have been, but just one copy has been found.
Do we know what it actually did?[/QUOTE]

There are at least two claims. One is it predicted planet movement, eclipses, things like that.

The other claim is its for astrology.

When x-ray equipment became available, the different encrusted gears were x-rayed and a drawing made of the gears. With the same metals and tools of the time.

Several scientists have tried to make something with those gears. The two ideas above is what they came up with. There might be others as I last read about it around 10 or so years ago.

There was an engineer in England who would make the first one, $4,000, shipping cost not included. I don't know if he is still doing so.

It was originally claimed to be a hoax, but several model workers, who investigate ancient machines from China and Europe, found they could make metal gears of the same type and details.

edit 2: The model makers used the same tools and metals. They came up with the same level of gearing. Same number of teeth on the same size plate of metal. ( I thought I had typed in the edit2 stuff earleir.)
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