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Default Subsector Wargame Preparations - Kakadan(Vland)
Calling all Commodores & Captains of Kakadan Subsector of Vland
Massively decreased size, Only gifs - no text! <1.0Mb >200 pics
Star System Maps
UWP as bar chart
System Details
Subsector location
5FW style System Box
In need of input from interested parties. Please let me know what you think!
What other data could be required for Mass Invasion scenarios?
Duke of Kesali (Vland/2737)
Kakadan Subsector
Baron of Fraynj (Gushmege/1623)
Sallounn Subsector
#11, 154th BRS
#104, 154th BRS
#88, 4518th LIR, MCG The Final Victory At Uakye
#279, 4518th LIR, MCG Battle of Mongo
TAS Member OF Galis (Delphi/0918) NOT FROM!
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