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Originally Posted by Nathan Brazil View Post
Why did you use a different rule system and convert the OTU into it?
Good question. In no particular order...

... the players would be unable to pick up a commercially-made adventure and ‘cheat’ their way through it.

... a mashup of Traveller and Stargate:SG1 was too cool NOT to produce.

... my own creativity was tested past what I thought were my limits at the time on numerous occasions.

... the players and i had enough familiarity with both systems that developing the story-arc was a cooperative effort that allowed the milieu to grow organically, rather than deterministically.

... bragging rights.

Originally Posted by Nathan Brazil View Post
What was Traveller as a set of rules lacking that the other game had or what was the zeitgeist in your group?
1) Stargates. Plot devices that put the PCs out of touch with home for days or weeks at a time, or that could allow them to have “nine-to-five” jobs that got them back home in time for supper.

2) Familiarity. We were all fans of the Stargate franchise, and understood the possibilities and the limitations from the start. Introducing a new group to the Traveller universe sometimes involves a long and steep learning curve.

3) Availability. Since Sony cancelled all of the Stargate gaming contracts, there were no rule sets being expanded upon, even though a five-book rulest had been available for a while.

That’s about it.
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