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This is just my opinion. It is not meant to criticize anyone else's opinion.

Allowing any kind of sexual content into one's intellectual property universe is a very slippery slope. It can turn a setting into a sewer very quickly, and then the brand will be tainted. That kind of thing can take years to clean up, if it's even possible. Marc Miller stomped this kind of thing at the very beginning, and in doing so he protected Traveller for 40 years.

Compare this to Eclipse Phase, where there are quite a few mentions of what a hedonist everybody is. In one supplement, there was even a page I wanted to rip out. Is all the content in there pretty much tame to anybody over the age of 20? Yes. Would I give that game to my kids? Never.

Example. I recently re-read Uller Uprising by H. Beam Piper. Throughout the story, a romance develops between the protagonist and a young woman, ending in a passionate kiss. Of course we all know what happened further on in their relationship, but there was just no reason to talk about it.

It seems quaint now, but it's called decorum.

Compare H. Beam Piper's story When in the Course in which a romance develops and Stephen R. Donaldson's book The Real Story, in which the heroine is brutalized again and again. There's a heaviness after reading things like that that just isn't there when reading something that maintains a bit of decorum.

Look at Star Wars. We all know Han and Leia had kids. There was no reason to detail them building the nest for the stork to drop off Kylo Ren (I bet that stork is sorry now). I guess Star Wars is a good way to approach it; plenty of action, but no scenes of Imperial stormtroopers burning to death in their destroyed AT-ATs, even though it's highly likely that happened (yes, I know Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen got burned where they lay, but that happened once and we weren't forced to see them burning alive).

Plenty of passion...

"I love you!"

"I know."

...but no details that we can all guess anyway.

Decorum allows us to admire our heroes and heroines because we're not confronted with the tedious biological details of their lives. We're not forced to skip a few pages while wishing the author would make them get a room.
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