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Originally Posted by Nathan Brazil View Post
Oh. I was being whimsical. I have not read that section of the book yet .
All Hail the Supreme Gorfian Empire! I can do whimsy

Four hundred pages is a lot of material to cover. I kinda got sidetracked with Star Trek: Alpha Quadrant, so there's a lot I haven't read, either.

My statement still stands, for now. Scapegoat villains representing the antithesis of what the heroes are supposed to be. Or the authors.
The Commonality is a bunch of Commies. It makes sense that they would try to portray the Venu as Nazis. I first thought that if I were to run a campaign, I'd set it in the Quarantine Zone between the Venu and the Successor States. Last night I learned that the default Outremer Subsector is located in the Rim Sector. That's somewhat close to the Q-Zone. I might be able to use it as is, depending on the velocity and range of the ships.

Look at Jovian Junta in Eclipse Phase.
I like the Jovians. If I were playing EP, I'd want to be one.

I will go read it now to make a less snarky comment.
I like snark, but it sometimes gets me in trouble.
I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.
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