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Default I'm having Fith Frontier War maps printed

My copy of Fifth Frontier War was destroyed by mold and bugs so I'm replacing it.

I just downloaded the PDF from drive through RPG and am having the maps professionally printed by the 3 color process it will only cost me a little for each extra one printed, you'll still need to buy your own PDF to print your counters, but if anyone wants an extra couple of maps so they can run double blind games send me a PM and I'll send you the maps. Yes I know about the Vassal module for FFW, but I just love having the physical board and counters.
I expect to have the quote from the printer next week so this is a limited time offer once the maps I have printed are gone, they are gone.

Oh, and this is FREE I am not selling them, it costs some USD 200 to USD 300 for the setup and then a small incremental cost per page printed, so I'll only be out the incremental page cost for an extra 20-30 maps I expect to be asked for. I figure some other lovers of the game should benefit from my sunk cost of printing the maps.

In case you are wondering, I checked before posting this, Marc has given permission to post this.
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