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Originally Posted by DaveChase View Post
I would like to see similar things grouped together versus 10 books on the same topic

Example: I would buy very quickly a book that had all the Major Race Aliens in it versus 4 or more seperate books......
I've been working on a project for sometime along this line, wish I could share, but I can't It started with T4, taking all the parts I like, adding errata, etc. It appears this is what I'm going to do with MGT and T5 - Make my own books from what I find that I like. "MyT" has a Char Gen book (careers and races from all books), Spacecraft book (including construction rules, combat, etc all in one place), Personal Combat book (rules from all sources), Worlds book (world and system generation, world maps, etc), Ship Ops & Trade book (trade rules, ship ops, sub-sector maps), Equipment book (vehicles, armor, weapons, misc equipment, complete with pictures of each entry), and an Encyclopedia (history, timeline, large-scale maps). Kinda like the LBBs, but all of the related material in each book. Each book will also have common tables and lists on the back and inside each cover. Rolling up a character? Grab the char gen book, that has flowcharts and skill lists in/on the cover. Engage in combat? Grab the personal combat book that has the rules inside, with charts of weapons, phases of combat, etc in/on the covers.

I had gotten about half-done with my own editon of T4 when I got burnt out and heard news of MGT and T5 coming. I have plans to start this project again.

I wish I could share my completed project with someone, but I can't due to copyrights. I have used PDFs of materials I own to copy and paste written text, and have used graphics (equipment, ships, deckplans, etc) from many, many different sources. The artists and writers wouldn't like it. I plan on using my completed project for my own group.
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