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This part of why I've stuck with Classic Traveller all these decades. It basically provided a set of combat results tables, ship and vehicle tables, and chargen/world design tables. There is a lot of empty space in between those frames to hang whatever I wanted.

I had to make up everything else in my universe. It was mine alone, and no rules set outside my game would tell players how to game the system or if I was doing it wrong. I had ultimate control. It was just the way it was done back then in all the genres, and was not only encouraged but a huge reason for the interest in the RPG's. Every rules set always emphasized that the referee had ultimate fiat in anything in the game regardless of what the rulebook said.

Players accepted that, either because we all sort of started playing at the same time and didn't know any other way, or because the rules emphasized that aspect of the game. Maybe both.

I blame the rules metastization that came in the 90's and the trends towards softer, less structured gaming.

This last group I played with was the first in a long time that didn't constantly try to wave rules at me and argue over their implementation. If we started debating it one would always pipe up with, "The DM says no." And we'd move on. But, they were also the oldest gamers I've had in a long time and played a lot of older game systems.

Others floated in and out of this core group and tended to be younger. They would always have some pretty odd ideas about how to run a character, overemphasizing odd characters and goofy actions, and were difficult if you didn't let them be and do anything they wanted regardless of the structure of the game or rules. I dunno, maybe I'm finally too old for all this stuff.
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