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Default Rules as written, and Reffing the game

Making my way through the Traveller Companion ( MgT2 ) and I bumped up against this bit of wisdom for Refs:

Occasionally a rule-as-written will result in a situation that seems less than plausible; the referee should make a call and keep the game moving along. Hours spent in pointless rules-lawyering are hours of your life wasted. It is worth looking up a critical rule if it makes a difference between a Traveller being dead or just mangled, but lengthy discussions about exactly what the game designers meant by a particular piece of phrasing are futile. -MJD
In my head there seems to be a difference between approaching Traveller as a gamer/ref, and from a non-gaming, intellectual perspective. Certainly there’s overlap, but a differing level of sway the concept of RAW might have is interesting to me.

Wanna play all Scouts? Or all Psions? Or all Bwap Scout psions? Let’s talk about it and if it sounds fun, we’ll make it work. This is my point of view.

Another perspective is that the framework provided by a strict interpretation of the rules ( whichever set, subset, or amalgam you choose ) in itself provides part of the intrinsic, fundamental enjoyment.

One of the things I love about Traveller is its depth. I don’t mean complexity, but maybe more the “reach” it seems to have. This distinction between Gaming Traveller and Intellectual Traveller might just be in my head, but I love the fact that Traveller feels big enough to be different things to us.

As a Ref or player, how do you feel about the above quote?
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