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Originally Posted by Enoki View Post
I just noticed something. Outside the Imperial Credit, there is little to nothing on other monetary systems and units. I'm positive a large number of these have to exist. I know I've even made up a few myself for use.

I can't see other polities using Imperial Credits as their monetary system. I think it would be highly useful if there was more on what other political and economic entities used along with some idea of the exchange rates between the various currencies.
Well, IIRR, in some instances of different currnecies, though all of them based on the ImCr...

In CT:TCS campaign the local credit is given an equivalence to the ImCr (based on starport class and TL), IMHO hintind their currency is different, though no name is given...

In MT:HT some precious metal coins are tolda about, although their equivalence is again given to ImCr...

In T4 we're told about the Imperial Solars, being in fact Ckr worth coins used for intersystem trade where the bank account cannot reach (or when you will outrun your own credit). This case, though, is still ImCr, though in hard coinage for large quantities...
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