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Default Opinions of The Expanse - Season 3

I liked the first season of Logan. Other than the almost nameless character who swatted the black-uniformed mooks to another continent, the show didn't break my willful suspension of disbelief. That plus it was intelligent and quirky and for some reason I liked it despite it being a superhero show which is a genre I normally don't enjoy.

Based on the strength of season one, I bought season two on Amazon and I am disappointed. I have made it to halfway through the second episode and it is baffling and incomprehensibly convoluted to me. I suspect that there is a compelling story in there trying to get out but for me it is losing the struggle. I may finish episode two but I probably won't bother with it unless I can't find anything better to watch.

Like season two of Logan, I have followed a convoluted path to my point... With the disappointment of this purchase fresh in my mind I am having second thoughts about purchasing season three of The Expanse. I thoroughly enjoyed both preceding seasons because there was more science than fiction and there are a host of likable characters who stayed true to the way they were built up, rather than doing implausible things for plot.

So I am hoping for some feedback from forum members. Who has watched it? What are your thoughts? Is it living up to the potential I saw in the previous seasons?
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