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I started the PbP game here as a "thank you" to atpollard for running his game. I limited the scope to just two people, one of whom I knew personally.

As we've discussed elsewhere, there are lots of playing styles for Traveller. Mine, as DM, is "Here's the environment and here are some things going on. What do you do?" As the game progresses the player(s) show interest in various aspects of the environment. I have my "big picture" thing going on in the back of my mind and then develop the environment in the places the players are showing interest.

What winds up happening is that I mentally create stories for the player(s) to encounter. I'm never quite sure who enjoys the stories more, me or them. In some ways it's like enjoying CharGen; you throw out a few NPCs. For some reason the PC thinks one or more of them are important. Then you go build the backstory for that NPC.

Because of this Play By Post suits me nicely. I have time to enjoy the environment and NPC creation. Sometimes the NPCs take on a life of their own. Sometimes the NPC story starts months before the PC meets the character.
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