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Originally Posted by rhialto View Post
With respect to Traveller specifically, getting to play Sci-Fi, since the other GMs in the group only run Fantasy. More broadly, to exercise my creativity with respect to setting-building and unleashing others' creativity into it.
Pretty much this. I've spent more time playing AT Traveller than actual playing, but with my odd time constraints (starting a masters at mid-50s is an bold choice, or in Apple's view, a courageous choice [meaning this was not a good idea perhaps!]) so when I ref, I get to create entire worlds. And as witness, my various world write-up are the results of getting to play.

I would like to actually play as well at some point in a face to face game, but in the meantime, the rare refereeing is still just fun.

And now I've got the itch again - I'll have to see if I can squeeze in the time somehow to start a new game! Darn you!
Mostly lurking about...CT is still my favorite with T5 as a neat tool box to plunder.

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