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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
D20 Traveller, and 3.5 in general, are
PC's, major NPCs: 4d6k3 Atts
NPC's: 3d6k3 atts
Tasks 1d20+mods vs TN
Yep and in most cases a conversion of one sort or another can be done once you map out data points. Even Task systems like D20 vs Traveller. Before mods, D20 is a flat roll, Traveller 2d6 bell curve. A straight numeric conversion based solely on percentage wouldn't work well in either direction.
As I have posted elsewhere find something else if possible. If you go by the narrative/flavor text/buzzwords, then tasks and bonuses/penalties you find something workable. Given that:

d20 Systems
DC Difficulty
0 Very easy
5 Easy
10 Average
15 Tough
20 Challenging
25 Formidable
30 Heroic
35 Superheroic
40 Nearly impossible

DM Difficulty
+6 Simple
+4 Easy
+2 Routine
+0 Average
-2 Difficult
-4 Very Difficult
-6 Formidable

You could line things up like so:
DC DM Difficulty
(-5) +6 Simple
0 +4 Easy
5 +2 Routine
10 +0 Average
15 -2 Difficult
20 -4 Very Difficult
25 -6 Formidable
30 (-8) (Heroic)
35 (-10) (Superheroic)
40 (-12) (Nearly impossible)
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