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Originally Posted by AnotherDilbert View Post
I would resort to statistical or software after just a few rolls...
As I already said, this is something I don't like to, but it's only a matter of taste, not something wrong

Originally Posted by AnotherDilbert View Post
I run simple logic: If I'm at war and see warships that refuse to identify themselves I fire.
We can hit at Distant range, so I start to fire at Distant range.
Starting at shorter range would require exceptional circumstances.

But rules specify that combat begins at Distant. I gues that's due to sensor locking capabilities, as, as I said, the sensors at Long range are quite ineffective. Don't ask me how can they fire at long distance, I guess that's against already detected and locked fleeing units.

Unfortunately, no sensor using rules are in the rules for combat (or at least I have not found them).

Originally Posted by AnotherDilbert View Post
Let's try this instead:

With 3 Reinforced hull it takes 9 + 1 points of damage to kill it.
And it has a gunner.

Its about 50% more expensive and 50% larger (so more expensive carrier). Let's say we get 65 of these for 100 of the 10 Dt fighters.
You ninja'd me, as I was reading a similar design, with gunner and better hardware (and software, off course).

As your cockpit is only 1.5 dtons, where is the gunner fit? According the small ship design rules (HG page 60) A cockpit takes 1.5 tons per crewmemeber .

Originally Posted by AnotherDilbert View Post
The ship fires at
Bays: -2[range] +5[software] +2[VHYield] -2[dodge] +3[skill] +9[dice] -15[armour] -4[flight] = -4, for an average of 5 fighters per round.

Barbettes, 15 basic: -2[range] +1[software] -2[dodge] +3[skill] = 0. This is 15 42% 2.67 = 16.8 damage for an average of 1.7 fighters.

Totally about 7 fighters are killed each round.

The fighters fire at (65 barrage attacks since the ship can't dodge 65 times):
Turret: -2[range] +5[software] +2[VHYield] +3[skill] +3[dice] -15[armour] = -4 giving an average damage of about 0.26 3 65 = 50 damage.

Since we lose some fighters each round we do less damage every round:
1: 50
2: 45
3: 39
4: 34
5: 28
6: 23
7: 18
8: 12
9: 5
for a total of 254 damage of 284. The ship barely survives, killing all fighters.

The fighters do better, but still lose...
I'm afraid you forgot some rules about how damage is applied (after all, you already warned that you might, as it was a longtime since you used those rules):

For small crafts, the damage is multiplied by 3, so the 5 fighers per round for the bays would be 15 (in fact 12, due to the gunners limitations), and the 1.7 from the barbettes would be 5 (see that this reduces de advantage of the reinforced hulls, at least against high dice weapons).

For the capital ships, you forget the System Damage, that is likely to reduce its offensive power.

And remember that the fighters may also divide themselves into several flights, so reducing their losses against massive barrages...
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