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Default Fighters in Combat

Originally Posted by AnotherDilbert View Post
Since the barrage system took the damage dice of the weapon as a positive DM and there was no size modifier, it was advantageous for big guns, aka bays.
There's no DM for size, but there's a -4 DM to attack fighter wings (MgT1E:HG, page 80).

Also, the high speed of light fighters make them quite likely to reach close range, where any long range weapon has a -3 (but they have only a -1, as they use the "small craft shooting" column for close range (page 73 table), and if they use the "Fast Strafing Run" order (page 81, 4 initiative cost)m they shoot at +2DM and are shot at -2 DM).

See that the fighter shown in this post would be fired at -19 DM (-15 due to armor, -4 for fighter wings).


Let's imagine that a wing of 100 such fighters, 5 equal fighters armed with pulse lasers and 5 more with sandcasters (for wing defense), with crews skill pilot2 and gunner 1 (acting as 1 and 0 respectively, as they use both at once) attack Planet Class Heavy Cruiser (MgT1E:HG page 119) with +3 Crew quality. The fighters Dodge whi lthe approach:


the cruiser:
  • fires its meson bays at -3 DM (+8 per dice, +2 per improvements, +3 per crew quality, +5 per fire control), but can only kill 10 fighters (one per gunner, so I guess one per bay).
  • Fires the torpedos at -5 (as they have 6 dice, asuming nukes, and no improvement DMs), but the point defenses subtract 2d-3 more.
  • Fires the PBs at -8 (same as mesons, but only 3 dice damage)
  • Fires the lasers at -10 (as they only have 1 die damage), so ineffective.
  • Fires the missiles at -11 (assuming they are nukes, as they have 2 dice damage, but no improvement DMs).

The fighters:
Fire their PBs at -4 DM (-10 per armor, +3 per dice, +3 FC), -6 if the cruiser is dodging. If the crews have.

Once at close range:

All cruiser weapons are subject to an additional -3, and missiles (and I guess torpedoes) cannot be used; so only the Mesons can be effective, but fire at -6

The fighters fire at -5 (-7 if the cruiser is dodging).

If strafing:

The cruiser bays are at additional -2, so firing at -8

The fighters fire at -3/-5.

And the fighters wing about MCr 3300 in total, while the cruiser costs MCr 55537. Assuming the same Budget and 66% of the fighter's one needed for carriers, the wing could be about 600 fighters....

Of course, against the armor 15 BB shown in page 101 the situation is less bright for the fighters, but the Budget is increased to MCr 138236, so, with the same premises (33% of th ebudget spent in fighters), about 1500 fighters could attack it...
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