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As requested, by Dan "far-trader" Burns, the following is reposted from JTAS.

> Just a random idea. . .
> A certain amount of thought has gone into explaining why so much
> hydrogen is required for a starship to Jump and I'm not sure how
> satisfying those explanation have been to folks. What if instead of
> 'burning' the fuel in a fusion reaction, it was used as a plasma a la
> Star Trek in the equivalent of a warp nacelle? Hydrogen is pumped into
> large chambers where it is then turned into plasma which in turn
> [handwave/handwave/handwave] creates a local Jump field?
> Like I said, just a thought.

And an interesting one.

So then the size of the "tanks" and the amount of jump "fuel" is the
same regardless of the jump undertaken in that it is the maximum
allowed by the jump drives (just like the original CT way) because you
need to build it large enough to handle the maximum designed jump and
when you power it up to jump you have to fill it even if you jump less
than your designed maximum. And this plasma state is sustained by the
power plant so you need to match that to the jump drive, yeah this is
working for me.

It does mean "drop tanks" have to go or be reinvented a bit. No
problem there really.

And we don't have to worry about a jump grid and damage to it (never
covered in CT) just having enough fuel tankage remaining undamaged
(might have to seperate jump "fuel tank/plasma chamber") is enough.
Makes it easier to stop fleeing ships, one plasma chameber (i.e. fuel
tank) hit and you're stuck.

Also takes care of the whole refined v unrefined fuel mess too imo.
Baron Hudson
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