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Small Starburst 100 diameters and space battles

I'm curious how important you think the 100 diameter limit is visavi space battles?
To me, all space battles have been shorter range than the typical 100 planetary diameter and as there are no jump points, just a minimum distance so why no battles really take place at or near jump entry / exit. So, when you play, do you just 'You exit hyperspace. Move in towards the <planet/moon etc> when your passive sensors pick up something".

There, space battle, derelict investigation, customs evasion take place, possibly gamed out. Is that how you usually do it?

I'm thinking of adding rules for jumping etc in Intercept and thinking I will use one tenth the jump diameter distances I the OTU, 10-ish diameters for safe jumping and 1-ish diameter as absolute minimum. To be able to play out going from planet to jump and vice versa fitting on a mapsheet of the game. Gasgiants will be about 10 times the ranges and fit neatly in the 10x larger scale system.

Any thoughts?
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