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Originally Posted by atpollard View Post
VaccSuit-2 ... (combat armor vacc suit)
Investigation-2 ... (small CSI tool kit - tweezers, UV penlight, etc.)
Security-2 ... (I am unfamiliar with this skill.)
You don't actually have any combat armor yet; that is part of the current storyline, acquiring some armor, and I believe that the guys currently at Hotrocks are planning to pick it up before returning to the suite where Heather is working on her hacking of local comms and databases.

I agree that Heather probably carries some small investigation kit. I liked one idea in an episode of Continuum, a forensic spray that stuck to anything organic in the room (including traces such as fingerprints) and allowed the user's computer implant (or handcomp) to read back all of those patterns, including any DNA traces, to immediately sort out whose prints were where within the room. OTOH, I think it worked by some kind of nano-tech which may be a bit advanced for this setting; I will re-watch that episode and think it over.

The Security skill is another of those double-sided skills; it allows the user to set up security systems, or assess current systems, but also works as Anti-Security (or Intrusion) skill to let the user notice and bypass opponents' security systems.
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