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Over the next week, Doc Freeman spends the first few days, making purchases and cleaning his room. Later in the week with the help of an attractive lady, he is cleaning sickbay, setting up both his quarters and the two modules that are delivered.

On the 3rd or 4th day as Max is available they both go over the bots and make a list of things that they both think they will need in parts and software to get the bots up and running over time.

OOC: Of my remaining 20KCr;
I will spend 1,000 creds on paying the young lady for her cleaning and time.
5KCr on bot parts and software mainly for the medical ones.
5KCr on his quarters getting fixed up, Not brand new items but if what is there is bad, he will hit up the local Ship surplus store for better.
4KCr will be spent on some special hidden (known only to the Captain, Max and Doc) spaces in Doc's quarters to store some of the drugs purchased. Doc does not like having all the drugs in one basket and does not like not having some drugs available close at hand in case he can not get to sickbay.
1,000 creds on personal items, like 10 sets of colored contact lenses (he does not need them to see, but he wants to hide his green eyes once in a while when needed). Some specialty small medical pouches that he can carry on him, a Duster and new sunglasses, along with 3 pair of good outdoor working boots that are very durable, and some new cloths (everyday kind of things).
2KCr on extra brewing yeast, malt, fresh apples, apricots (if available), barley, etc , Labels pre-printed with Freeman Beer, Freeman Hard Cider, Freeman's Best and Freeman's Vingear (each will have space for putting the date and additional information like favor or such on it)
1,000 creds on some small grav plates that will fit under the brewing equipment so that sudden movements of the ship or the loss of gravity will not suddenly make a big mess of fermenting liquid all over the place. (I am assuming that the medicine cabinets have a way to keep the various medicines from getting knocked about or spilled, probably not grav plates but something.)
And keep the remaining 1000 credits in what ever passes as a safe way to keep and carry in this universe.)

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