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I've toyed with what I call a Nature and Nurture option to allow some customization and (usually) avoidance of those annoying 2's.

Nature: Roll 1D6 per characteristic in order. This is what you were born with.

Nurture: Roll 6D6 and assign as desired to the characteristics. This is what your upbringing focused on.

Generally allowing only 1D6 assigned per characteristic but optionally no restrictions to permit padding desired characteristic(s) at the expense of settling with just the rolled 1D6 for some.

It's still pretty quick, maintains the standard 2D6 range (as long as the option is ignored), but allows closer to the character desired by the player.

I've also occasionally done averaged dice: All 1's are 2 and all 6's are 5 (or all 1's are 3 and all 6's are 4) but that's never been very satisfying. I more often use it for quick NPCs. It avoids the issue of low characteristics but at the cost of not getting high characteristics.
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