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Default Government type 1

Another thread made me think about just what a corporate world government means. I know that for 30 years one of the interpretations has been "owned by a megacorporation" (or a sector-wide or subsector-wide company, but in any case an off-world corporation).

But if you think about it, this is not correct. A type 1 government runs its world as a corporation, with shareholders, elections, and some sort of board of directors. Whereas a world owned by any off-world entity, company or not, would be a captive government. The off-worlders appoint the government who runs it as an autocracy or oligarchy or civil service or whatever. But not as a sovereign company answerable only to its shareholders. Unless it a subsidiary company, of course. But if it is, the parent company does not own the world; the subsidiary does and the parent company owns some (or all) the stock in the subsidiary. A distinction that the Scout Service apparently has a hard time grasping .

The corrolary to this insight is that our choice of worlds owned by megacorporations is not limited to worlds with gov type 1. There's gov type 6, as already mentioned, but also (potentially) dictatorships and oligarchies and technocracies and possibly other types as well. It all depends on how much autonomy the corporation allows its possession and how the government is structured.

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