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Hello all,

Silly question time. I am using Joe D. Fugate Sr.'s article published in "the Travellers's Digiest" #13 to relearn MT's design sequence. So far I believe I've found a couple of erratum in the article. Has errata been published somewhere to make corrections to the design process?

Examples of erratum I've found:

Jump-4 drive listed in the article p. 41 as requiring 2,750 units, MT: Referee's Manual p. 65 lists a 75,000 dton hull as needing 3,750 units. The difference of 1,000 units throws off all calculations.

Manuever Drive 6G article lists the price as 600,000. MT: Referee's Manual lists the price as 700,000.

Final Total for Locomotion lists price as 15,903,016,000. The only time 3,000,000 is indicated is as the base price per jump unit. This is in addition to the apparent mis-calculations in price and the other 2 or 3 categories of the design sequence.

Again, if anyone knows of an errata site for the article could you please pass along the link?
Tom Rux
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