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Originally Posted by Blue Ghost View Post
Why is it inappropriate to "premeasure" in a miniatures' game? When using hex maps you count the range. When using any other map type you measure out the range, but apparently it's considered bad form for miniature gaming.
Anecdote time. Favorite mini game anecdote.

WWII naval combat game.

Players are supposed to estimate ranges to target salvos of their ships.

Typically, players would fire a spread, several shots at different ranges to account for their error.

Obviously, you call your shot, then measure it and roll results.

One guy, however, was Very Good. He wasn't spreading, he was very accurate much of the time.

Later, when asked about his keen accuracy, he commented "Well, see, we're playing on a tile floor with 1 foot tiles, so..."

He was the only player that realized they were essentially playing the game on large graph paper.

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