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Originally Posted by Supplement Four View Post
It's about roleplaying, Wil. Just playing a character. Doing what the character would do and not playing the rules to one's best advantage.

Though, as GM, I would inform a player who doesn't know the rules about important rule effects, when appropriate.

It's about living in that character's shoes as if the player really were that character, reacting to the environment and the events around him instead of reacting to rules.

And, if that's not your style of play, then that's OK. You and I aren't playing together.
I have to agree with S4 here. Playing this way, my players feel more free to try things they otherwise might not.

Experienced Player:
"My movement rate is x. How long will it take to run down the stairs and across the ballroom to confront the Duke?"

"Three rounds"

Inexperienced Player:
"Can I jump from the railing, grab the chandelier, swing across the ballroom, and land on the table in front of the Duke?"

"Sure you can try it. It'll be hard. Here are the rolls you would need to make."

Experienced Player:
"Hey, that's not in the rules!"

I prefer that my players know more about the kind of story they want to tell and less about the rules.



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